Plan number 64

Thomas Murray is an independent researcher, collector, lecturer and private dealer of Asian and Tribal art with an emphasis on Indonesian sculpture and textiles, as well as animistic art from other varied cultures. He also features Indian Trade Cloths from the 14th-18th Centuries. A HALI magazine contributing editor for the last 30 years, he serves as their "in-house" expert on all tribal sculpture and textiles, with more than 50 publications. His most recent book, “Textiles of Japan” was met with critical acclaim. Thomas Murray is Past President of ATADA, The Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association and recently served a three-year term as a member of President Obama's Cultural Property Advisory Committee at the State Department. Thomas Murray continues to consult with museums and private clients all over the world.

During the "Parcours des Mondes",
Exhibits at

JSC Modern Art Gallery 3 Rue des Beaux Arts, 75006 Paris, France.


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